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75 Insanely Good Sugar-Free Dessert Recipes

I’ve put together a collection of some of the best sugar-free dessert recipes out there! You’ll find a wide variety of delicious sugar-free desserts in this post.

chocolate sugar free desserts in a muffin tin

Trying to find a really good sugar-free dessert recipe is like trying to find something to eat at a gas station that doesn’t have 53-ish weird, hard-to-pronounce ingredients in it.

In other words, it takes a lot of work. Luckily for you, I’ve done the hard work for you this time! (As for that gas station stuff, trust me when I say it’s better to pack your own snacks and avoid the scary gas station food.)

I’ve put together a list of 75 insanely good sugar-free dessert recipes, which you’ll find below. A few notes before you dive in:

  • When I say “sugar-free,” I mean that these sugar-free desserts shouldn’t contain any of 70(!)-plus types of added sugar. If the recipe contains one of these ingredients, you’ll see a note to omit it after the recipe name. (Omitting it shouldn’t alter the flavor much because the quantity is so small in those recipes.)
  • Just because a recipe doesn’t contain sugar doesn’t mean that it doesn’t contain calories! You should still be mindful of your serving size.

Without further ado, here they are …

75 Insanely Delicious Sugar-Free Desserts

Banana Bread

Strawberry Shortcake Energy Bites

strawberry sugar free desserts on a wooden porch railing

Coconut Date Rolls

Keto Trail Mix

overhead view of keto trail mix in a white bowl with a spoon

Tahini + Date Ice Cream

3-Ingredient Date Caramel

3-Ingredient Chocolate Muffins

Set Strawberries with Coconut Cream (omit maple syrup)

Sinless Chocolate Fudge Frosting-Pudding

chocolate sugar free desserts in a shot glass

Keto Desserts

A lot of keto desserts taste amazing and I include them in my diet. There is no artificial sugar added and the primary sweetener in these recipes is the organic compound erythritol.

Keto Fudge

stack of three keto fudge pieces


Chocolate Covered Macadamia Nuts

overhead view of white plate of sugar free chocolate-covered macadamia nuts

Chocolate Covered Pecans

closeup of chocolate covered pecans with several broken in half

Pumpkin Chocolate Bars (omit maple syrup for the chocolate layer)

Baked Plantain Cakes

Grain-Free Apple Crisp

Chocolate Pudding

Macerated Fruit Salad

5-Minute, 3-Ingredient Dark Chocolate Fudge Balls

Dark Chocolate Coconut Pudding (use 100% cacao chocolate)

Almost Instant Chia “Tapioca” Pudding

Yes, there are still more sugar-free desserts…

Homemade Key Lime Pie Larabar

Apple Chips

overhead view of sugar free desserts apple chips

Healthy Cherry Energy Balls

Baked Plantains

3-Ingredient Banana Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Fig and Prosciutto

Flourless Plantain Cake

Cocoa Date Energy Bars (use 100% cacao chocolate)

Carob Prune Truffles

Paleo Blueberry Muffins (omit date sugar/evaporated cane juice)

Chocolate Date Dessert Oatmeal

sugar free desserts closeup in clear bowl on white railing

Ripe Plantain Muffins

3-Ingredient Flourless Brownies

Flourless Peanut Butter Banana Muffins (omit honey)

Strawberries with Coconut Cream (omit powdered sugar)

strawberry sugar free desserts in clear container on white towel

Neapolitan Cake

Flourless Thumbprint Cookies (use jam that doesn’t contain sugar or artificial sweeteners)

Tropical Fruit Bites

Banana Bread Baked Oatmeal

Granola Bars

Whole Wheat Apple Spice Muffins

Black Bean Brownies (omit chocolate chips)

Cinnamon Sweet Potato Truffles

Easy Plantain Banana Bread (omit coconut sugar)

Raw Zucchini Bread Truffles

Harvest Breakfast Cookies

Avocado Banana Cacao Mousse (omit honey)

Quinoa Pudding (omit maple syrup)

Blueberry Banana Walnut Ice Cream (omit chocolate chips)

Banana Muffins

closeup of sugar free desserts muffins in muffin tin

Peanut Butter Banana Ice Cream

Peach Cobbler Oatmeal (omit honey)

Cinnamon Date Rolls

Carrot Cake Oatmeal

Soft Banana Raspberry Oatmeal Cookies

Raw Sunflower + Chia Seed Bites (omit honey)

Apple Bites (omit chocolate chips)

Chocolate Mousse #2

Chocolate Covered Frozen Banana and Peanut Butter Bites

Chocolate Hummus (omit maple syrup)

Single Lady Doughnut (omit honey)

Healthy Granola

closeup of granola sugar free desserts on sheet pan

Peach Ice Cream

Paleo Snowball Cookies

Creamsicle Chia Pudding

Paleo Pumpkin Sweet Potato Custard (omit honey)

Cinnamon-Spice Raisin Cookies

Tropical Mousse

Stuffed Baked Apple

Chocolate Cherry Chia Pudding (omit maple syrup or honey)

Almond Butter Banana Cookies

Little Pumpkin Pies (omit honey)

Slow Cooker Sweet Potatoes with Applesauce (omit brown sugar)

Chocolate Coconut Popcorn (use 100% cacao chocolate)

Real Healthy Blueberry Cobbler (omit maple syrup)

You can wash these sugar-free desserts down with a sugar-free keto coffee!

Tell Me About Your Favorite Sugar-Free Desserts!

I would love to hear from you. Leave me a comment on this post and tell me about your favorite sugar-free dessert.


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