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ChocZero Coupon: December 2021 ChocZero Deals and Promos!

Looking for a ChocZero coupon code? You’ve come to the right place. Get the latest verified ChocZero coupons, ChocZero deals, and ChocZero promos here! {November 2021}

This post contains affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small commission if you purchase through one of my links.

Just looking for the ChocZero coupon code and nothing else? Click or tap the “SHOW CODE” text in the box below to save on ChocZero!

10% Off

Get 10% off your entire ChocZero order! ChocZero makes amazing keto chocolates, keto peanut butter cups, and keto syrups.

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Doesn't expire

(Can’t view the code? It’s FORGETSUGARFRIDAY.)

choczero coupon for bag of choczero milk chocolate chips
All About ChocZero Coupons

How to Use a ChocZero Coupon Code

To apply a Choc Zero coupon code such as FORGETSUGARFRIDAY, all you have to do is:

  1. Shop the website and add all of the items you’d like to your cart.
  2. Navigate to the checkout page.
  3. Add your ChocZero discount code to the box that says “Gift card or discount code.”
  4. Click or tap the “Apply” button.

choczero coupon code being entered into checkout screen

Once you select the “Apply” button, you should see the savings from your ChocZero code reflected in your cart.

choczero coupon code forgetsugarfriday displaying on cart page

Do ChocZero Promo Codes Expire?

While the company occasionally releases ChocZero promo codes that expire, there are promo codes like FORGETSUGARFRIDAY that don’t expire.

How Many Times Can I Use a ChocZero Coupon?

Certain ChocZero promo codes like FORGETSUGARFRIDAY can be used as many times as you would like! Just remember to enter the code at checkout every time you make a purchase.

Current ChocZero Coupon Code Sales

ChocZero is currently running sales on many of their bundles and multipacks, including:

  • Three’s a Party Bundle (Maple, Caramel, and Chocolate Keto Syrup 3-Pack): $19.99
  • Keto Peanut Butter Cup Variety Bundle (Milk, Dark, and White 3-Pack): $16.49
  • Milk and White Keto Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Bundle: $16.98

As noted above, you can combine the sale prices with a Choc Zero coupon. Combining a discounted bundle with a coupon code is one of the best ways to save on ChocZero!

ChocZero Discount Code, Deal Scenarios

With the ChocZero 10% coupon code (FORGETSUGARFRIDAY), here’s what you’ll pay in a few different scenarios:

  • ChocZero Chocolate Chips (milk, dark, or white): $6.99; with coupon: $6.29
  • ChocZero Maple Syrup: $7.99; with coupon: $7.19
  • ChocZero Coconut Spread: $8.99; with coupon: $8.09
  • Milk Chocolate and White Chocolate Hazelnut Spread Bundle: $16.98 on sale; with coupon: $15.28 (maximize savings by stacking a sale and a coupon code!)

You’ll also pay applicable taxes and shipping.

How Much is ChocZero Shipping?

Speaking of shipping, you’re probably wondering how much Choc Zero shipping costs!

For orders LESS than $34.99, standard shipping on orders shipped to U.S. states and territories is $5.99.

For orders MORE than $34.99, standard shipping on orders shipped to U.S. states and territories is $0 – aka FREE!

Currently, ChocZero does not ship outside of the U.S. via their website. Some online retailers outside of the U.S. stock ChocZero, but you will need to contact the retailer to verify.

How to Get ChocZero Free Shipping

You can get ChocZero free shipping on orders of $34.99 or higher on orders shipped to U.S. states and territories. You do not need a ChocZero free shipping code; the shipping price will come off automatically.


choczero white chocolate chips on a table to be purchased with choczero coupon

ChocZero Return Policy

ChocZero has a generous return policy as long as the product is purchased at ChocZero.com.

The policies below are subject to change and are accurate as of 5/24/21.

Taste satisfaction refund

They offer a one-time taste satisfaction refund on orders of $35 or less. If you’re unhappy with the taste of the products (up to $35), you can email your refund request to [email protected]

Melted or damaged order refund

Although ChocZero does their best to ensure that products arrive unmelted (they do things like packing the order in cooler bags, packing with ice packs, etc.), orders do occasionally arrive melted when the temperatures are very hot outside. If that’s the case, you may email them at [email protected] within 60 days of order delivery, and they can either reship or refund you.

The same return policy applies to products that arrive excessively damaged.

However, they do not refund products with minor cosmetic damage (e.g., broken keto bark).

10% Off

Get 10% off your entire ChocZero order! ChocZero makes amazing keto chocolates, keto peanut butter cups, and keto syrups.

More Less
Doesn't expire

New ChocZero Products

New ChocZero products are frequently released! Their newest products launched in fall 2021 and include:

  • White Chocolate Almond Keto Bark
  • White Chocolate Hazelnut Keto Bark
  • White Chocolate Coconut Keto Bark
  • Pumpkin Spice White Chocolate Squares

Choc Zero coupon codes work on all new products!

ChocZero Reviews

My review: I am a HUGE fan of ChocZero and use their products on a daily basis. I haven’t met a single ChocZero product I didn’t like!

In addition to their ever-growing list of keto chocolate, syrup, and spread staples, they’re always coming out with new and exciting products. As someone who hasn’t eaten sugar for well over a decade, it’s exciting to be able to have ever-growing access to different sugar-free sweets. It feels like I’m eating sugar again without all of the bad side effects! 😊

Reviews from others: ChocZero has TONS of reviews from real customers on their individual product pages. You can see the star rating next to the product and the reviews further down on the page.

screenshot of choczero reviews for choczero chocolate syrup

As a huge fan of ChocZero, I’ve developed a lot of keto diet and low carb recipes containing ChocZero products! Here are some of my favorites:

Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

Many of our Keto Cookies feature Choczero chocolate chips. Here are a some of these very popular recipes:

Recipes with ChocZero Syrup

Recipes with ChocZero Spread

Coming soon!

Discount code for ChocZero:

10% Off

Get 10% off your entire ChocZero order! ChocZero makes amazing keto chocolates, keto peanut butter cups, and keto syrups.

More Less
Doesn't expire

Frequently Asked Questions about ChocZero

Does ChocZero have free shipping?

Yes! If you live in the U.S. and spend at least $35, your order will receive free shipping.

Is ChocZero really keto?

In general, foods aren’t really “keto” or “not keto” – it’s more about whether or not a food is low enough in net carbs to fit within your personal daily net carb consumption. For this reason, I prefer to use the term “keto-friendly.”

For example, bananas are not keto-friendly because one medium banana contains 24g net carbs, which is more net carbs than most people on keto consume in a day. You could eat a tiny piece of a banana and stay within your net carb range, but it would make sense to consume a keto-friendly fruit like blackberries, which contain only 3g net carbs per 1/2-cup serving.

Now to the question… ChocZero is definitely a keto-friendly food! All of their keto chocolate, keto syrup, and keto spread products contain very few net carbs per serving.

That said, if you have a medical condition that requires your blood sugar levels to stay within a certain range, it’s always a good idea to check your sugar levels after consuming any new food to ensure that your body does not react poorly to it. Some people are very sensitive, so it’s best to be extra sure.

About ChocZero

ChocZero, Inc. is headquartered in Fullerton, California, and was founded in 2016 with a simple mission: to make sugar-free chocolate that tastes amazing.

The company prides itself on making sweet treats that are free of sugar, soy, and sugar alcohols. In addition to chocolates, they also sell syrups and spreads.

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