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What is Forget Sugar Friday?

Forget Sugar Friday helps you live an awesome low-carb and low-sugar life, one day at a time. On the site, you’ll find a variety of healthy and delicious recipes that are low in carbs and made without processed sugar.

Forget Sugar Friday is currently heavily focused on keto recipes, but the recipes are also suitable for regular low-carb diets.

Forget Sugar Friday is “how to eat less sugar for regular people”

You could say that Forget Sugar Friday is “how to eat less sugar for regular people.” So often the conversations around eating less sugar are a little dry, and they tend to assume that everyone who wants to eat less sugar also wants to do hot yoga ten times a week, eat only organic food grown in their picture-perfect backyard garden, and wear only eco-friendly hemp clothing.

While there is nothing wrong with that lifestyle, it’s not realistic for most of us. Most of us just want to do life better in some way, one step at a time. If that describes you, you’ve found your steps to a better life in Forget Sugar Friday.

But seriously, what does “Forget Sugar Friday” mean?!

The idea for Forget Sugar Friday came about in the summer of 2016, and the site launched in the spring of 2017 with a slew of recipes made without processed sugar as well as a book. Forget Sugar Friday began as a fun habit-building movement designed to help people supercharge their lives by saying “no” to sugar just one day a week (Friday!).

In response to reader interests, as well as my own dietary journey, the site has evolved into a hub for recipes that aren’t just low in sugar but are also low in carbs (and usually high in fat to fit the keto diet). While the site is a bit different than originally envisioned, Forget Sugar Friday (or “FSF” as I’ve come to call it) has grown into an awesome place that still supports the original goal: helping people eat less sugar. The kind-of-weird name remains because life is too short to be normal. 😉

My Sugar Story

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