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7 Keto Comfort Foods to Make Right Now

Sometimes you just want to dig into some comforting food that will take you to a happy place. These seven delicious keto comfort foods (four savory, three sweet) will help you do that without kicking you out of ketosis. Net carbs are provided for each recipe.

spoon containing keto chicken alfredo soup with soup pot in background

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Sometimes you just need some good ‘ol comfort food. While it would be nice to dig into a carb-filled pot pie or a sugar-filled generous serving of homemade apple crisp, doing so will most certainly pack on the pounds… and that’s not a very comforting thought.

Alternatively, you can dig into some amazing keto-friendly recipes without the carbs and sugar that will deliver on comfort without the unfortunate side effect of weight gain. It’s a win-win, right? In this post, I’ve put together seven keto comfort foods – four savory and three sweet – that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Keto Comfort Foods Recipes

If you’re looking for more keto comfort food recipes after you give the recipes in this post a try, check out these two keto comfort food cookbooks!

Keto Comfort Foods: Family Favorite Recipes Made Low-Carb and Healthy

Keto Comfort Foods: 100 Keto-Friendly Recipes for Your Comfort-Food Favorites

In this post, you’ll find links to the following keto comfort foods:

Savory Keto Comfort Foods

  • Keto Chicken Alfredo Soup
  • Keto Chili
  • Keto Pizza
  • Keto Mac and Cheese

Sweet Keto Comfort Foods

  • Keto Cookie Casserole
  • Keto Chocolate Dessert
  • Keto Mock Apple Crisp

How to Access the Recipes in This Post

This post is a roundup of recipes — some from here at Forget Sugar Friday, and some from other high-quality bloggers. To access the recipes in this post, click on the “Click Here to Get the Recipe!” button at the bottom of every recipe summary.

That will take you to the original post where you can find the recipe (usually in a recipe card at the end of the post). 💖

Savory Low Carb Comfort Food #1: Keto Chicken Alfredo Soup

two bowls of keto chicken alfredo soup next to a blue and white polkadot background

5.2g net carbs: This recipe for Keto Chicken Alfredo Soup infuses the flavors of chicken alfredo into a warming and comforting soup! The perfect keto comfort food for cold fall and winter nights.


Savory Keto Comfort Food #2: Keto Chili

g net carbs: Learn how to make low carb chili recipe can really hit the spot! The best part is the homemade chili seasoning is super delicious. This recipe will be loved by your whole family!

pink button that says get the recipe here for keto chili recipe

Savory Keto Comfort Food #3: Low Carb Pizza

I don’t think there is a more important savory comfort food than pizza! When you eat pizza it just reminds you that everything can be alright in the world.

pink button says get the recipe here for keto pizza recipes

Savory Keto Comfort Food #4: Keto Mac and Cheese

g net carbs: I guarantee you’re going to want to make this at LEAST once a week! You won’t believe this keto mac and cheese is low carb, let alone keto. But it is!

pink button that says get the recipe here for cauliflower mac and cheese keto recipe

Sweet Keto Comfort Food #1: Keto Cookie Casserole by Forget Sugar Friday

easy keto cookie bar squares on dish with chocolate chips

2g net carbs: Ready for the ultimate keto dessert? This Keto Cookie Casserole creates unbelievably good keto cookie bars with only 2g net carbs per bar! This may just become your favorite keto dessert.

Sweet Keto Comfort Food #2: Keto Chocolate Dessert

g net carbs: Nothing screams comfort food like cream cheese and chocolate! This easy to make dessert is widely known as “Keto Chocolate Heaven”, and it is!

pink button says get the recipe here for keto chocolate desserts

Sweet Keto Comfort Food #3: Mock Apple Crisp by Low Carb Yum

overhead view of apple crisp as a keto comfort food

3g net carbs: Apple crisp… on keto?! This Mock Apple Crisp may not use real apples, but it uses a clever substitute: zucchini! To quote one happy reviewer: This turned out SO WELL even my finicky 11 year old Granddaughter exclaimed “this is SO Delicious!”.

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