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7 Keto Iced Coffee Recipes You Need This Summer

Want to indulge in some delicious iced coffee without all the sugar and carbs? Treat yourself to one of these keto iced coffee recipes!

a large glass of keto iced coffee on a blue background

If you’re a true keto iced coffee addict, you may appreciate this chart about “iced coffee season”:

picture depicting the keto iced coffee seasons

In other words, it is ALWAYS iced coffee season. Can’t say I disagree with that one! 😉 No matter if you’re a true iced coffee addict like me or just someone who enjoys an occasional iced coffee when it’s actually warm outside, you’re going to love these seven delicious keto iced coffee recipes.

Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #1: The Best Keto Iced Coffee by ForgetSugar

This fabulous iced coffee recipe lives up to its name with only three simple ingredients! It’s a recipe you’ll find yourself going back to again and again.

side view of glass of keto iced coffee with cubes melting in milk

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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #2: Keto Frappuccino Copycat by ForgetSugar

Make a delicious Keto Frappuccino Copycat infused with the amazing flavor of salted caramel! This amazing copycat (seriously, it’s incredible!) is blended to perfection and ready in just minutes to power you through your busy days. (Don’t want salted caramel? No worries! There are options for other flavors in the post.)

keto frappuccino keto iced coffee in a plastic cup with two decorative straws sticking out
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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #3: Keto Nutella Frappuccino by ForgetSugar

Can we take a moment to enjoy the dreamy creation below? 😍 WOW, right?! You can whip up one of those beauties in just a few minutes and enjoy a delicious pick-me-up any time of the day.

keto nutella frappuccino in a clear cup with blue straws

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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #4: Keto Bulletproof Coffee by Keto Connect

This recipe is a chilled version of the famous Bulletproof coffee (a high-fat, low-carb coffee traditionally made with coffee and a fat source like butter, coconut oil, or MCT oil). I say skip the original and instead go for this awesome iced version!

keto iced bulletproof coffee in an ice cream glass with straw

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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #5: Keto Vanilla Cinnamon Iced Coffee by Forget Sugar Friday

This low carb iced coffee uses not coffee cubes, but cinnamon-infused heavy whipping cream cubes to deliver a creamy chill to your yummy iced coffee drink. It also serves as a delicious keto fat bomb with a whopping 36g fat!

vanilla cinnamon keto iced coffee in front of a black background by coffee beans

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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #6: Mint Mojito Iced Coffee by Tasty Yummies

A mint mojito coffee?! Sign me up! Make sure to follow the keto option to make this refreshing coffee keto-friendly.

glass of keto iced coffee with a mint sprig and metal straw

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Keto Iced Coffee Recipe #7: Fat-Burning Rocket Fuel Frappuccino by Healthful Pursuit

This delicious frozen iced coffee boosts its fat content by including not just MCT oil but also almond butter (or hemp hearts) and cacao butter. To boost the flavor even more, top with whipped cream and cacao nibs!

iced coffee frappuccino with blue and white straws

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Bonus: Keto Ice Cream Smoothie {with Coffee!}

Believe it or not, this Keto Vanilla Ice Cream Smoothie actually tastes like melted vanilla ice cream AND it contains coffee!

overhead view of keto ice cream smoothie blended into a glass with two colorful straws

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