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17 Keto Breakfast Recipes to Get You Going in the Morning

The saying may be “breakfast is the most important meal of the day,” but after you check out these 17 keto breakfast recipes, you’ll be saying “breakfast is the most delicious meal of the day”! From coffee to breakfast sandwiches to pancakes to pudding, you’ll find your next favorite keto breakfast on this list.

keto brekafast pancakes stacked with frozen raspberries on top

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If you have any friends or family on the fence about trying the keto diet, I think you should show them this post. Once they have a look at the creamy Keto Coffee, breakfast sandwiches, pancakes, coffee cake, muffins, casserole, and other keto breakfast treats on this list, they’ll be committed to eating keto before you can even say “avocado.” 😉

For those of you who are sick of eating eggs for breakfast, you’ll be happy to know that there are quite a few choices on this list that either don’t contain eggs at all or aren’t “eggy” (like pancakes or muffins). I’ve also included both savory and sweet choices depending on what your stomach likes in the AM. There is a recipe for everyone on this list!

If you are in a huge hurry, then try our Quick Keto Breakfasts or just use our quick guide to Mcdonalds Keto Breakfast to get you going in the morning. Also, if you can’t eat eggs, here is a list of Keto Breakfast without Eggs. Lastly, don’t forget to treat yourself to some amazing

Keto Breakfast Recipes

Two staples…

So Nourished Granular Erythritol

Erythritol tastes and bakes just like sugar and contains no net carbs. It’s a keto-friendly natural sweetener, and you’ll find it in a lot of the sweet breakfast recipes below.

keto breakfast bag of erythritol for recipes

Lakanto Maple-Flavored Syrup

Stock up on a bottle (or five) of this for your keto pancakes or muffins… it is heavenly! Best of all, two tablespoons contain only 1g net carbs after you subtract the fiber and sugar alcohols.

Keto Breakfast #1: Keto Cinnamon Rolls Flatbread

2.6g Net Carbs – No need for extra ingredients or steps… this simple recipe uses Fathead dough to make Keto Cinnamon Rolls Flatbread that tastes just like cinnamon rolls! Can be served with icing or without.

keto breakfast overhead view of keto cinnamon rolls with thick white icing on top

Keto Breakfast #2:  Keto Crack Coffee (Keto Coffee) by Forget Sugar Friday

2g Net Carbs – Rolling out of bed and starting your day with this amazing coffee is a must. It contains a special ingredient that will get you seriously hoppin’ in the morning!

keto crack coffee keto coffee in a glass with whipped cream on top next to a pitcher

Low Carb Breakfast Ideas #3: Keto Mug Cake

3.4g Net Carbs – Getting out of bed won’t be hard when you know you can whip up one of these ridiculously good mug cakes in only a few minutes with keto staples! Yes, it REALLY does taste like a pancake… give it a try and find out for yourself!

keto pancake mug cake on a white background with maple syrup all around it

Keto Breakfast Ideas #4: Butter Burgers 

0g Net Carbs – Butter Burgers make a yummy egg-free breakfast! You can make them the day before, store them in the fridge, and reheat them in the morning. Serve them with a side of greens sautéed in butter or coconut oil for a well-rounded breakfast.

butter burgers stacked on bed of lettuce

Low Carb Breakfast #5:  Keto Candied Bacon by Forget Sugar Friday

0g Net Carbs – Are you looking to upgrade your bacon to something (even more) spectacular? Then you’ve got to try making this Keto Candied Bacon recipe! I’ve nicknamed it “OMG Bacon” because “OMG!” is the first thing that’s going to come out of your mouth after you try it.

keto candied bacon laid down on a white plate in strips


#6: Keto Blueberry Mug Cake

5.1g Net Carbs – Yes, this keto mug cake really tastes like blueberry pancakes! If you want pancakes in the morning but don’t want to fuss with the stove, this Keto Blueberry Pancake Mug Cake recipe is for you.

closeup of keto breakfast mug cake with glaze on top

Breakfast #7:  My Favorite Breakfast Sandwich by Hey Keto Mama

4g Net Carbs – This keto breakfast sandwich is bursting with sausage flavor and a creamy center. These sandwiches are so good that they make for the perfect “breakfast for dinner” meal too!

keto breakfast sandwich with cheese and avocado inside

Keto Breakfast Recipes #8

Keto Eggloaf

1.7g Net Carbs – Try our fabulous Keto Eggloaf. This Keto French Toast Loaf is a great alternative to sugary pancakes. How could you not want to dig into these when you roll out of bed in the morning?! Add Keto Whipped Cream for a creamy and delicious topping.


Low Carb Breakfast Recipes #9: Blueberry Muffins by Peace, Love and Low Carb

4g Net Carbs – Muffins in the morning are always a treat! While these muffins aren’t loaded with blueberries (to keep the carb count down), they’re dotted with just enough blueberries to give them a delicious blueberry flavor.

Keto Breakfast served on two plates with blueberry muffins sitting on them

Keto Butter Recipe

Looking for a delicious keto butter recipe for your keto breakfast pancakes and muffins?

While plain butter (hello, Kerrygold!) is a tasty addition to your pancakes and muffins, how about taking it up a notch and using my Keto Maple Pecan Butter? It is absurdly good (think dessert butter) and will make your breakfast even better!

bowl of keto maple pecan butter on table


Breakfast #10:  Keto Chocolate Chip Mug Cake

syrup drizzling on a keto chocolate chip mug cake cut in half

3g of Net Carbs – Another mug cake? Of course! Try this delicious easy to make Keto Chocolate Chip Mug Cake for breakfast. It is very filling and can be ready in less than 5 minutes.

Breakfast #11: Keto Quiche

3g Net Carbs – This bacon and cheddar Keto Quiche can be made for the whole family. Everyone will love it!


Breakfast #12: Keto Mini Quiche

2.1g Net Carbs – Try this 3-Cheese Keto Mini Quiche. It is bursting with cheese flavor and leave you feeling very satisfied. As a side dish, serve it with our Keto Candied Bacon.


Ketogenic Omelette

Breakfast #13: 3g Net Carbs – This not only looks amazing, it tastes amazing as well. In addition, this Ketogenic Omelette is simple to make.


Breakfast #14:  Creamy Milk Chocolate Pudding by Low Carb Yum

3.4g Net Carbs – A keto breakfast that includes pudding?  Sign me up for that! Not to mention, these also make for a great dessert after any meal or even a keto snack.

Keto Breakfast chocolate pudding served in a glass goblet with whipped cream on top

Breakfast #15:  Breakfast Casserole Recipe with Sausage and Cheese by Wholesome Yum

.9g Net Carbs – This tasty sausage, egg and cheese casserole makes for a great keto breakfast for the whole family.

Keto Breakfast egg casserole with one square being served on a spatula

Breakfast #16:  Mexican Casserole by Keto Diet App

5.5g Net Carbs – Try this great tasting keto breakfast casserole with a combination of spinach, turnips, onion and bacon.

Breakfast #17:  Almond Cream Cheese Pancakes by Sugar Free Londoner

2.4g Net Carbs – Light and fluffy pancakes for breakfast? Try saying no to that!

Keto Breakfast stack of pancakes with raspberries on top served on a dish

Quick Keto Breakfast Recipes!

Breakfast #18:  Spinach Artichoke Egg Casserole by A Spicy Perspective

1.8g Net Carbs – Another great keto breakfast casserole option. The spinach artichoke combination tastes great together and help you get in some veggies first thing in the morning.

Keto Cookies

#19: Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies

stack of keto chocolate chip cookies

1g Net Carbs – Yes, Keto Cookies can be your on-the-go breakfast option. They are really that good and they are unbelievably filling. A couple of other options that will blow your mind include our  Keto Chocolate Cookies, Keto Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Keto Cookie Dough. If you want more cookie options check out our list of Keto Cream Cheese Cookies for breakfast.


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