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17 Super Delicious Keto Iced Coffee Drinks to Feed Your Iced Coffee Addiction

Are you an iced coffee addict? If you can’t get enough of iced coffee, you’re in luck! I’ve rounded up 17 delicious keto iced coffee drinks to feed your iced coffee addiction.

creamer being poured into a mason jar with keto iced coffee inside

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Ketoers who love iced coffee, I am here to deliver with this roundup of 17 keto iced coffee drinks! Unlike my keto coffee roundup that was a total breeze to compile, it was surprisingly difficult to find enough keto iced coffees for this post. Not to worry though — I scoured the internet and found 17 that you will love.

I knew I needed to deliver because this meme is hilariously accurate for a lot of people:

keto iced coffee four cups next to each season name
source: me.me

Hah! 😉 Now on to the iced coffee!

When provided by the original source, I have listed the Net Carbs in each drink.

Keto Iced Coffee #1: Keto Frappuccino (salted caramel) by Forget Sugar Friday

2.5g Net Carbs –Make a delicious Keto Frappuccino Copycat infused with the amazing flavor of salted caramel! Blended to perfection and ready in just minutes to power you through your busy days. (Don’t want salted caramel? No worries! There are options for other flavors in the post.)

keto frappuccino keto iced coffee in a plastic cup with two decorative straws sticking out

Keto Iced Coffee #2: Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee by Forget Sugar Friday

2g Net Carbs – This iced Vanilla Cinnamon Coffee is your next favorite iced coffee! It’s full of sweet vanilla-cinnamon flavors, and with a whopping 36g fat per serving, it serves as an awesome liquid fat bomb.

vanilla cinnamon iced coffee in front of a black background by coffee beans

Keto Iced Coffee #3: Layered Keto Coffee by Forget Sugar Friday

1g Net Carbs – This is just the coffee you need to perk you up and cool you off! With only 1g net carbs, this iced coffee treat is one you’ll be able to enjoy every single day.

iced coffee closeup of glass with blue straw

Keto Iced Coffee #4: Keto Crack Coffee by Forget Sugar Friday

2g Net Carbs – Keto Crack Coffee is a MUST-try keto coffee recipe that will get you seriously hoppin’ in the morning. While it’s pictured as a warm coffee below, to make it into an iced coffee, use chilled coffee and pour it over ice.

keto crack coffee keto coffee in a glass with whipped cream on top next to a pitcher

Keto Iced Coffee #5:  Low Carb Frappuccino Coffee by Your Lighter Side

1g Net Carbs – Yummy and perfect for the cold coffee crowd!

Keto Iced Coffee #6:  Mocha Coffee Frappe by Sugar Free Mom

1.7g Net Carbs – A fun mocha treat that looks too good to be true… but it isn’t!

side view of mocha iced keto coffee with a black straw sticking out of the mixture

Keto Iced Coffee #7:  LCHF Coffee by My Copenhagen Kitchen

A big blast of pure dairy cream that creates a fluffy texture!

Keto Iced Coffee #8: Chilled Bulletproof Coffee by Keto Connect

0g Net Carbs – This version of Bulletproof Coffee is given an upgrade thanks to what Keto Connect calls “the x factor” in their house: xanthan gum! I am a huge fan of xanthan gum in keto, and you’ll love how it upgrades this recipe.

Keto Iced Coffee #9: Iced Caramel Macchiato by Two Sleevers

Yum! This frozen coffee drink uses caramel Torani syrup to add a sweet sugar-free caramel flavor. Butter and heavy whipping cream thicken this keto treat!

keto iced coffee in two glasses next to white flowers on a table
Two Sleevers

Keto Iced Coffee #10: The Best Iced Coffee Recipe by The Michigan Mom

Who can argue with a title like that? This self-proclaimed best iced keto coffee is kicked up a notch thanks to smooth cold brew coffee and a healthy sprinkle of cinnamon on top.

a mason jar of keto iced coffee with whipped cream and cocoa powder on top

Keto Iced Coffee #11: Iced Bulletproof by Bulletproof

0g Net Carbs – Upgrade the original Bulletproof Coffee by making it iced! To make it, follow the instructions under the “How to Make Classic Iced Bulletproof Coffee” section at the link above. Basically, it’s regular Bulletproof Coffee, but using ghee instead of butter. FYI, the “Brain Octane Oil” they refer to in the recipe is MCT oil.

Keto Iced Coffee #12: Vanilla Ice Cream Keto Coffee Smoothie

2g Net Carbs – This delicious frozen ice cream keto coffee smoothie boosts can boost your fat macros with a remarkable 34g of fat! This is the ultimate keto fat bomb beverage!

keto ice cream coffee smoothie in a cup with a pink straw over a yellow striped towel

Keto Iced Coffee #13: Iced Coffee with Collagen by AshleyKW93 on CarbManager

I dug up this iced coffee recipe on the CarbManager forums and it was too good to pass up! If you need a collagen powder recommendation, I highly recommend Perfect Keto Collagen Powder.

Keto Iced Coffee #14: Mint Mojito Coffee by Tasty Yummies

A mint mojito coffee?! Sign me up! Make sure to follow the keto option to make it keto-friendly.

keto iced coffee in a tall glass with mint leaves and a straw sticking out
Tasty Yummies

Keto Iced Coffee #15: Cream Cheese Iced Cappuccino by JLB on AllRecipes

An iced coffee made with cream cheese?! Yes, really! This definitely looks worth a try. (Note: The nutrition information provided on the recipe is incorrect. I think they accidentally calculated the nutrition using sugar-sweetened almond milk instead of unsweetened.)

Keto Iced Coffee #16: Vanilla Latte Frappuccino by Joy Filled Eats

You can make your very own (actually, a whole pitcher of it!) keto Starbucks Vanilla Latte Frappuccino in less time than it takes to wait in line to order one. I say that’s a major iced coffee win!

green table with keto iced coffee in a glass on top with a black straw

Keto Iced Coffee #17: Bulletproof Coffee Creamer

While this isn’t an iced coffee recipe per se, you can certainly use it to make iced coffee. Whip up a fresh batch of iced coffee and pour in this yummy keto creamer to your heart’s delight!

a mason jar with creamer being poured into the keto iced coffee

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