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Friday Finds #8: My Weekly Food, Health, and Beauty Finds

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TGIF! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week.

What are Friday Finds?

In this post series, I round up a few cool product finds in the categories of food, health, and beauty. Some are products I’ve personally used (and I’ll let you know when I have!), some are products I haven’t used but am planning to purchase, and some are just fun shares.

Consider my Friday Finds posts to be fun healthy living stuff curated for you by me. 

Sound good? Let’s get started with this week’s finds!

Friday Find #1: Amazon Music Unlimited Free 30-Day Trial

Did you know that Amazon offers a free 30-day trial of their Amazon Music Unlimited service? I recently tried it and loved the huge selection (great for workouts!). Plus it’s free to try, so you have nothing to lose! 🙂

Friday Find #2: Nutilight Dark Chocolate Hazelnut Spread

Yum! I haven’t tried this yet, but apparently it’s a bit like a keto Nutella. It contains only 1g net carbs per serving (2 tbsp) for the dark chocolate version, or you can eat the milk chocolate version for 2g net carbs per serving. They also have a few other flavors that sound worth trying!

Friday Find #3: SmartBun (0g net carb Hamburger Buns)

I’m not sure what’s more amazing… keto Nutella or keto hamburger buns! These hamburger buns have ZERO grams of net carbs per serving and only 72 calories each. And the reviews are awesome! Say hello to summer hamburgers!

That’s it for this week. If you try anything on this list, please leave me a comment and let me know how you like it!


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  • I use the Smart Bun and enjoy the taste and texture for Zero net carbs! My husband finds them a bit dry but for me I find them to be just what I need.

    • Hi Karen, Thanks for chiming in! I definitely want to give them a try… a bit dry is a-okay with me as long as it’s bread-like. 🙂

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