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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a question about Forget Sugar Friday? I’ve answered the most frequently asked questions here.

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What do you consider “sugar”?

When I say “sugar,” I am referring to a long list of sweeteners that are added to our food. When you sign up for the [thrive_2step id=’2699′]free Starter Kit[/thrive_2step], you will receive a list of (over seventy!) sugar names.

This does not include any of the sugar that occurs naturally (“natural sugar”) in foods such as fruits, vegetables, and dairy.

What’s the point of saying no to sugar only one day a week?

Instead of asking you to go all-in for a continuous period of time like many “sugar detox” programs do, the idea behind Forget Sugar Friday is that the cumulative effect of implementing a small change week after week can blossom into something revolutionary for your life.

At worst (if you can even call it that), you will have seven and a half weeks—almost two months!—of sugar-free days every year.

At best, seven and a half weeks of sugar-free days every year will be the stepping-stone to giving you the confidence and motivation to pursue additional health-focused goals and habits (including reducing your sugar consumption the rest of the week).

Why Friday? Can I substitute another day?

You might think I picked Friday because “forget” and “Friday” both start with the letter F. If you’re thinking that, you’re partially right. I wanted the name to be catchy and fun. But more importantly, I picked Friday because Friday tends to be a “dietary danger zone.” It’s the end of the week and we’re tired. We’re ready for the weekend. Our guard is down. On Fridays especially, a little sugar can provide that pick-me-up that we think we need to get through the day.

A donut from the office kitchen with my morning coffee? Sure!

A few pieces of candy after lunch? Sounds great!

A piña colada at Happy Hour? I’ll take two!

A cookie or three right before bed? I’ve already blown my diet—why not!

Even if you’re eating only broccoli and fish the rest of the day, all that sugar throughout but-it’s-Friday-and-I-deserve-it can seriously add up.

As for substituting another day, I ask that you don’t. Why? Because when you participate on Friday, you’ll be doing it with a community of people who are going through the same thing as you. When you wake up on Friday and say “no” to sugar throughout the day, you’ll know that there are a bunch of people out there doing exactly the same thing … and that’s pretty powerful.

Other than not eating sugar on Friday, do I have to eat a specific diet?

For the most part, as long as you’re not eating sugar, you can eat however you’d like. However, there is one addition to your diet that I’d like you to make on Fridays. When you sign up for the free Starter Kit, you’ll learn what it is.

Do you have any sugar-free product recommendations?

Yes! Check out the Product Recommendations page.

Where can I buy the Forget Sugar Friday book?

On Amazon, right here.

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Welcome! I’m Jessica.

On this blog, you’ll find my best tips for living an awesome life through eating less sugar and improving your health.

If you’re wondering what this whole “Forget Sugar Friday” thing means, the name comes from a book I published, Forget Sugar Friday: Supercharge Your Life by Saying “No” to Sugar Just One Day a Week.

Learn more about Forget Sugar Friday here!