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About Forget Sugar Friday

I don’t know about you, but sometimes the idea of committing to something for a continuous period of time overwhelms me. It’s why starting a diet on Monday sounds awesome … until 12:01 a.m. on Tuesday. It’s why exercising every day is the best idea ever … until day seven (or maybe day two or three). It’s why giving up alcohol sounds downright glorious when you have a raging hangover … until your coworkers invite you to happy hour.

While I have certainly made plenty of continuous commitments in my life, I prefer the types of commitments that trick my brain into thinking that I’m barely committing at all. That’s why I designed Forget Sugar Friday the way that I did. It takes something that many of us know we should be doing—reducing our sugar consumption—and puts it in a format that’s not just doable but also fun and motivating.

It’s Not Just About Sugar …

Forget Sugar Friday is kind of sneaky. It’s designed not just to help you reduce your sugar consumption in a fun way, but also to help you take the next step on your health journey, whether that next step is step 1 or step 100.

It’s is a habit-building movement based on a simple concept: the cumulative effect of implementing a small change week after week can blossom into something revolutionary for your life.

Plus, something kind of magical can happen when you do a small-but-good thing for your health once a week: achieving a small goal can provide the motivation and momentum to help you achieve more—and bigger—health goals. Saying no to sugar on Fridays can be the first step toward not only eating less sugar, but also eating less processed food, running a 5K, quitting smoking, drinking less alcohol, getting more sleep, starting a weight-lifting routine … you get the point. Forget Sugar Friday can be the gateway to a completely transformed life.

… And It’s Built on a Base of Let’s-Not-Take-Ourselves-Too-Seriously

You could say that Forget Sugar Friday is “eating less sugar for regular people.” So often the conversations around eating less sugar are a little dry, and they tend to assume that everyone who wants to eat less sugar also wants to do hot yoga ten times a week, eat only organic food grown in their picture-perfect backyard garden, and wear only eco-friendly hemp clothing.

That’s not realistic for most of us. Most of us just want to do life better in some way, one step at a time. If that describes you, you’ve found your steps to a better life in Forget Sugar Friday.

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On this blog, you’ll find my best tips for living an awesome life through eating less sugar and improving your health.

If you’re wondering what this whole “Forget Sugar Friday” thing means, the name comes from a book I published, Forget Sugar Friday: Supercharge Your Life by Saying “No” to Sugar Just One Day a Week.

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